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If you are planning a residential project and are interested in providing information to us as a means of introduction, we've included some JWAI standard forms which can be filled out and submitted to us prior to an initial Consultation.  This information would be kept strictly confidential and would provide us with a better understanding of your needs and preferences.   If you wish to simply complete the information and bring it with you on our initial meeting, thats fine too.   


If you wish to do so, click on either (or both) of the fillable PDF forms listed below and then do the following:

1.  Complete the areas of the form(s) you feel would best pertain to your particular project.

2.  Save the document(s) on your own computer.

3.  Send us a copy via e-mail at and we will contact you within the next 1 to 2 business days.

.  JWAI New Project Information Form

.  JWAI Client Information Checklist 


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